Aspidistra is commonly known as the 'Cast iron plant'. It's a great plant for beginners as it's very low maintenance and thrives in shady, cool conditions within the home.


Originating from Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, Aspidistra elatior is a particularly elegant foliage plant with upright, glossy leaves that arch at the leaf tips. This dependable house plant was extremely popular with the Victorians not least because of its ability to withstand drought, pollution and low light levels. An ideal focal point for a hallway table, cool conservatory or a shaded corner of your home.


Position Aspidistra in a warm room, with an average temperature of 15-24C. Aspidistras can tolerate much cooler conditions if necessary, down to a minimum of 8C. A bright room is ideal but well away from direct sunlight. Aspidistra will happily tolerate much lower light conditions.


The pot size is 12cm and the plant is approximately 30-35cm tall. 


Aspidistra- Cast Iron plant

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