Create your own cactus garden terrarium with the newest addition to our range.


The kit contains;

  • Glass terrarium bowl
  • Cacti in a variety of sizes
  • Our special succulent soil mix
  • Sand
  • Shell on Earth crushed whelk shells
  • Decorative pebbles 
  • Set of terrarium tools
  • Terrarium kit guide


The terrarium kit is delivered with all the elements packaged separately and comes with a planting guide so you can enjoy creating your own indoor cactus garden.


If you are sending the kit as a gift and would like us to include a hand written gift card, please let us know during checkout.


Terrarium dimensions are Diameter 24cm, Height at front 10cm, Height at back 20cm



This kit includes living plants so we recommend that you unwrap them as soon as possible after delivery in order to keep them healthy. If you're not giving this kit as a gift immediately, they should keep well for up to a week after we dispatch them. 


Cactus Garden Terrarium Kit

VAT Included