We teamed up with Yoka at Siramik, a Carmarthenshire based potter, who created these nautical plant pots for us.


Choose from fish or stripe design, in light blue or navy. Each pot is approximately 8-10cm tall, slightly tapered and has a drainage hole.


Hand thrown from earthenware clay, the inspiration for the fish design comes from the beautiful coastal areas of Wales. When created, the clay is painted with the variety of blue and carved into using the scraffito method. First fired to 1080 degrees, glaze fired to 1100 degrees.


Yoka creates her own ceramics in earthenware clay, white and sometimes red. Decorating the ceramics with slips, under glazes, carving in the clay and colouring the clay are the main processes for decoration. Yoka likes making pots that are practical and useable and produces mostly domestic ware that will be enjoyed, handled, touched and lived with.

Ceramic Plant Pot - Handmade in Wales

VAT Included