Cereus Forbesii Spiralis  is more commonly known as the Spiral Cactus, Twisted Cereus and Contorted Cereus.


Looking for a sculptural, eye-catching cactus for your collection? Look no further. Blue-green in colour and with a spiralling, columnar form it makes a great addition to any plant display.  Very easy to look after too - always a bonus! 


Younger plants begin life with straight ribs that twist at about 10cm. The ribs are covered in spines which can vary in length. Flowers are pink or white with long delicate petals.


This cactus will be happiest with lots of bright sunshine, in a dry, warm environment - so a South-facing window would be ideal. 


The pot size is 8.5cm and the plant is approximately 10-15cm tall. 


Cereus Forbesii Spiralis - Spiral Cactus

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