Water retention is important for most plants to survive when the weather is hot. Adding clay pebbles into the soil is a great way to regulate soil moisture. Water seeps into the pebble and accumulates there. When the soil is dry, water is released to nearby plant roots.


Clay pebbles are great at keeping the air around the plant moist. Especially good for tropical houseplants, where a higher air humidity is required.


Clay pebbles can raise moisture levels from 40-50% relative humidity to a more comfortable 80 % moisture.


  • Drainage –  Pour a layer about an inch or two thick at the bottom of the container and this will increase air circulation
  • Repotting – To spur on the growth of roots, it can be a good idea to mix clay pebbles into your soil mix to about 10% of the total volume.


Resealable bag.

Available in Small (approx 1 Litre ) or Large (approx 3 Litres ).



Clay Pebbles

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