Euphorbia Obesa also goes by the names baseball plant and sea urchin plant. It's a subtropical succulent species originating from South Africa.


It can grow up to 10-15cm in diameter depending on its age. Young Euphorbia obesas are spherical, but become cylindrical with age.


Euphorbias are easy to care for. Given the right planting medium and sufficient sunlight, they will thrive on neglect. Water when the soil is dry in the Spring/Summer. Cut right back on watering during winter. 


Our Peat-free Cactus & Succulent Soil mix is perfect for re-potting.


*Euphorbias are known to give off a milky sap which is toxic and causes skin irritation, so handle with care and keep away from children and pets.*


Supplied in a 8.5cm nursery pot.


Euphorbia Obesa

VAT Included