Leca® Horticultural Grit - a versatile drainage and aeration media. Leca® Horticultural Grit is a genuine and original premium LECA® (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate). 


"Leca" granules are made by heating small beads made from selected clays in a furnace. At high temperature the organic compounds in the clay vaporise forcing the granule to expand and become honeycombed, while the outside surface fuses to a ceramic shell. The resulting granules are lightweight, porous and made sterile by the firing process. Being a wholly natural material. expanded clay aggregate contains no harmful substances, it is inert with neutral pH.

The granules are resistant to frost and chemicals, and will not break down in water. They are also non-combustible and have excellent insulation properties.

Leca® Horticultural Grit is the ideal medium for providing additional drainage to  composts. When planting spring and summer flowering bulbs add the grit in a ratio of one part grit to two parts compost to provide for a free draining growing medium and finish with a generous top dressing of shells or grit. 
Use as a free draining gravel substrate and soil conditioner when planting both open glass containers and closed terrariums. 
In the base of vivariums, use in place of plastic bead or heavy gravel substrate as an effective lightweight drainage layer. 

Water Absorption: 
When saturated for at least 24 hours Leca® Horticultural Grit is likely to absorb approximately 20% by weight of water.


This grit is graded at 2-4mm.


Available in Small (approx 1 Litre) or Large (approx 3 Litre) resealable bags.



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