These Pebble Pots are designed and created by local artist Sophie Turner. Each piece is individually crafted, so no two pots are ever identical. They're perfect for very small succulents or houseplants.  


Sophie is an artist, ceramicist and a jewellery designer based here in West Wales. Her work is inspired by nature, wildlife and her love for the Welsh coastline. 


In her jewellery and ceramics, Sophie plays on the idea of what precious means. The stones that you wear or possess don't have to be gems to be precious. The individually chosen pebble on the beach, wrapped in its sentimental memory can be just as, if not more precious than a cut diamond.


Sophie has carefully selected pebbles from the beautiful Welsh coast and made plaster casts of each one. The pebbles are all returned to the very same beach where they were found. This is an important part of the meaning of her work - to know that the original pebble is out there, an integral part of the landscape, forever being washed in and out with the tides or being picked up by another passer-by. 


Each pot is slip cast using stoneware or a Parian clay body. The Parian clay has a beautiful quality, as when bisque-fired, it produces a striking jet black appearance. The stoneware pots are bisque-fired before being pit-fired. This process also adds to their uniqueness, as the ancient process of pit-firing gives them their smoky, rustic appearance. 


The results are always unpredictable, resulting in each pebble pot's individuality, invoking memories across the years. 


Each pebble pot has a drainage hole and the dimensions are;

Extra Small - 8cm x 6cm x 5cm 

Small - 10cm x 8cm x 6cm 

Medium - 13cm x 9cm x 5cm

Large - 15cm x 10cm x 6cm


These aren't just pots, they're a work of art.

Pebble Pots by Sophie Turner

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