Tulista marginata, formerly known as Haworthia marginata, is a rare slow-growing succulent that forms stemless rosettes of erect to spreading leaves. The rosettes grow up to 20 cm in diameter, usually solitary or forming small clusters.


The leaves are in light shades of green and brown and can be with or without tubercles. They have flat upper surfaces and undersides keeled toward the tips. 


This succulent is a unique one that blooms in the spring. When it blooms, you will enjoy pink-white flowers. 


Tulistas tolerate full sun, but they prefer semi-shaded positions. Any window in your home or office is likely to be an appropriate setting for them. They generally non-toxic to humans and animals.


Water when the soil is completely dry.


Supplied in an 8cm nursery pot.

Haworthia Marginata

VAT Included