The Lechuza-pon plant substrate takes care of a balanced nutrient distribution in the root area of your planter. Through the ideal supply, the plant builds a consistent, compact root dispersion and becomes robust. Lechuza-pon is the perfect alternative where conventional soil cannot or should not be used. 


Special features:

  • Balanced nutrient distribution 
  • Suitable for all plants (even orchids and citrus plants). 
  • Structurally stable- has the optimal air/water ratio for plants of 55% air / 45% water , decreasing the vulnerability to diseases.
  • The substance zeolite stabilizes the ideal pH balance for a healthy plant growth. Macro and micronutrients remain permanently.
  • Prevents fungus that attack the roots. PON is therefore suited for people that may have allergies.
  • Consists of high quality, mineral stones, that are pollutant-free.
  • Can be used for years, without having to be replaced
  • Has a continuous capillarity up to the planter's surface. Even undergrowth and small rooted plants get the perfect amount of water this way.
  • Acts like a buffer, that absorbs excessive fertilizer and gives it back to the plant when needed. The natural nutrient storage prevents the burning of the roots through overfertilizing.


LECHUZA-PON has an adjusted bulk weight. Your plant is supported firmly in the planter, which is important for bigger plants. 

The substrate is a natural odour absorber e.g. for dead roots.

Metallic elements and pollutants (e.g. from the water) are blocked permanently.


PON is free-flowing and can be used on its own without any soil to fill the planters. When planting in LECHUZA-PON you don't have to free the root ball completely from soil.


LECHUZA-PON constituents

  • Zeolite
  • German washed pumice
  • German, light Lava (supplies your plant with iron permanently)
  • Fully coated premium quality fertilizer.
  • The coating is purely organic and degrades residue-free
  • The fertilizer supplies your plant with nutrients for up to 6 months.
  • Suitable for all plants, like foliage and flowering plants, orchids, citrus plants, herbs, tomatoes, fruit trees and cacti.


Available in 6 Litres, 12 Litres and 18 Litres

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Lechuza-Pon - Various Sizes

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