We always wanted to create a ‘Hell on Earth’ themed bag and it’s been raised from the dead by artist Lauren Kolesinkas, especially for Halloween 2019.

Lauren was born and raised in Connecticut. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2009 and now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her two pet birds and a lot of drawings of bubbling goo.

So here they are - The Four Whelkmen of the Apocalypse in all their glory, riding whelk shells.


(Not just for Halloween!)


*This is a natural product from the sea and we do our best to remove any foreign material. 

*All of our packing is recyclable. The white filler is made from vegetable starch and is compostable.

Limited Edition 'Hell on Earth' bag with original artwork (approx 3.5kg)

  • Crushed and washed whelk shells from Wales. 

    We suggest a coverage of 20-30mm. 

    When watering your plants, ensure a slow and gentle pour to avoid soil rising above the shells. 

Shell on Earth

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