* PRE-ORDERS FOR DELIVERY BETWEEN 23RD NOVEMBER AND 4TH DECEMBER.* If you would like a succulent wreath before these dates please email caryl@shellonearth.co.uk to arrange prior to ordering, otheriwise you can expect the wreath delivered between the above dates. Please note, the wreaths can take 3-5 working days to make.


Our wreaths are individually handmade using live succulent cuttings, meaning the plants are unrooted.


With a bit of care, you will be able to remove the plants from the glue and moss, once roots have formed, plant them in soil and continue to enjoy them. Discard the moss and keep the wreath base for next year. 


Care tips -

  • To keep your wreath looking fresh you should avoid placing the wreath near heat sources like fireplaces and radiators. Succulents are happiest between 10-25℃, so you should also try to avoid very cold areas and drafts within your home. 


  • You’ll need to spray the wreath with water every week or so depending how dry the air in your home is. When watering, aim for the moss more than the succulents. How often you water it really depends on the conditions within your home. If the moss feels very dry it should be safe to spray some water or you can even dip the wreath into a sink filled with lukewarm water. Allow the water to drain away from the succulents before placing back on the wall or shelf. 


  • The plant cuttings may continue to grow while attached to the wreath, this could cause them to dislodge and fall out. In this instance you can simply glue them back in place. We have secured them in the moss with a mixture of strong glue and mossing pins. 


The wreath should last 6 weeks or more when kept indoors, following the care tips above. 


Living Succulent Wreath

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