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This high quality cord is made from 100% recycled cotton and produced specifically for macramé projects.


The natural cord is 3-4mm thick and is 85m approximately in length.

The Spool height is 15cm x 8cm diameter and weighs around 470g. 

The medium grey and black cord is 2.2mm thickness and is approximately 70m.



About Nutscene - 

Nutscene is located a short drive away from the city of Dundee, in the rural county of Angus. Still using the original machinery first used by them back in 1922, Nutscene still produces its own range of high quality garden twines and employs local people to do so.


In recent years Nutscene has continued to pride itself in product development and innovation. In 1999, Nutscene first launched a wonderful range of high quality design-led giftware for gardeners, and it was at this time that the iconic “Tin of’ Twine™” was first showcased. It now sells worldwide and has remained just as popular as it first did on its launch date.

Ethically sourced materials, from sustainable crops. Jute in particular is an environmentally beneficial crop, Rain fed, fast growing , will grow on wastelands and improves the soil for future crops,  it also reduces CO2.

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