Monstera Deliciosa is more affectionately known as the Swiss Cheese Plant. It hails from Southern Mexico and Central America. They are terrestrial growing and are great climbing/trailing plants. You can use a moss pole to support its growth as the  leaves will become heavy as they mature. 


The leaves are large and heart shaped. Young leaves are light green when they uncurl but become dark green, leathery and glossy when they mature. Monstera Deliciosa  develop fenestrations, which are holes or gaps in the leaves (Interestingly, in the Welsh language 'ffenest' means window).  They also develop aerial roots which help them to trail or climb as they grow. 


This is an easy to care for and fast growing plant. It will grow best in bright, indirect light but will tolerate shady areas in your home. Water when the soil feels dry - don't over water it. Dusting and misting will keep the leaves looking lush. 


The pot size is 9cm and the plant is approximately 50cm tall. 

Monstera Deliciosa

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