Funk up your greenhouse/ growing space with this fabulous Nutscene neon twine set!


Ideal for crafts, lovely in the Green house, amazing in the allotment! What will you create with a spool of Nutscene Neon Twine?!

Our Neon Twines comes in a neat 3 pack.  The 3 pack of mini reels will contain a selection of 3 from the 4 Neon Colours available.

Colours range from;

Neon Pink

Neon Green

Neon Yellow

Neon Orange

Each Mini Reel contains 2ply fine Jute Twine, (1.5mm in thick), approx. 20m per spool.  Each Spool is 7cm high.

Pack dimensions are 10.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 3 cm deep.


Still produced on the same machinery that has been producing Nutscene twines since 1922.

Nutscene Neon Twine- Triple pack

VAT Included