The 'For Peat's Sake' block is dehydrated coconut coir. Once water is added, the coir will hydrate and grow.


Choose from the small block which hydrates to approximately 3 litres, or the large block which hydrates to approximately 11.5 litres. 


This growing medium is 100% peat-free and can be used to support plants in pots, including house plants and vegetables.


The blocks are made from 100% coconut husk and offer the optimum air to water ratio, encouraging healthy root growth.


Coir is the new peat

Coir is made up of the fibrous husks of the inner shell of a coconut. The coconuts used are harvested around every 45 days, and are usually used by the food and cosmetics industries, leaving coir as a by-product that would otherwise be wasted. The fibres have great moisture retention qualities, are odourless and are sturdy enough to be reused multiple times, so are perfect for growing plants in.


The benefits of coir

There are many benefits to using coir, other than the fact that it's much more sustainable than peat-based compost. Coir is very rot-resistant, taking a lot longer to decompose meaning it lasts a lot longer and can be reused. Coir also allows great air circulation due to its porosity as well as improving moisture retention. The form of our coir block is compact and lightweight (only 600g), meaning it's easy to transport and store before hydrating.


*The coir includes no artificial fertiliser so when planted, should be fed organic proprietary plant food.


All of the packaging is fully recyclable or compostable.


  • PH Neutral
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Optimum soil structure
  • Renewable resource


Peat-Free Coir Compost

PriceFrom £5.00
VAT Included