We're thrilled to have a limited quantity of this beautiful and rarely offered houseplant - Philodendron Prince of Orange. 


It's a beautiful, rare tropical variety of Philodendron. The new leaves develop into bright, eye-catching orange shades. This is a magnificent hybrid so if you're looking for a showstopper for your houseplant collection, this will not let you down. 


Let the soil dry slightly between waterings. If the leaves start to droop, this is a good indication that the plant needs to be watered. This plant will be happiest in plenty of bright, indirect sunlight (too much direct light can turn the leaves yellow). It can survive in a low humidity, but it will be happiest in a higher humidity environment so it will benefit from regular misting or being placed on a pebble tray of water. 


The plant pot is 15cm and the plant is approximately 20-25cm tall. 

Philodendron Prince of Orange

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