Philodendron Scandens is often known as the Sweetheart Plant or Heart-leaf Philodendron. In Greek philo means ‘’loving’ and dendron means ‘tree’ and we're loving this little tree, which can grow up to 6 metres!


In its natural habitat in Central America and the Caribbean it’s a fast-growing climber, often growing on the trunks of other trees. It makes a great houseplant if you trail it up a moss pole or up along a feature wall. The plant remains relatively compact and will grow very long if given the right conditions. 


It’s an easy care plant as long as it receives plenty of bright, indirect sunlight and only water once the soil begins to dry out. This plant will enjoy regular misting and add a plant food to your watering schedule during the growing seasons for healthy growth.


The pot size is 28cm. 


*this plant is toxic if ingested. 

Philodendron Scandens / Sweetheart Plant

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