Pilea Peperomioides is more commonly known as the Chinese Money Plant, Missonary Plant or Pancake Plant. 


It's a beautiful succulent with smooth, round, fleshy leaves on long stalks. This rare and sought-after 'Mojito' variety is characterised by splashes of pale green variegation.


Variegated plants occur when something has gone wrong with the cellular structure of the leaf or stem growth tip of the plant. It causes attractive and often irregular yellow/white leaf  and/or stem patterns. They grow slower and are generally smaller than non-variegates of the same species and are often more sensitive to strong sunshine so prefer to be slightly more shaded. Variegated plants are highly desirable and can be quite expensive. 


This plant will be happiest in bright, indirect light. Water only when the soil has begun to dry out – never let this plant sit in water as the roots will rot. Apply a liquid fertiliser fortnightly from spring to summer.


The pot size is currently 12cm and the plant is approximately 20cm tall. 


This plant is not toxic to pets. 

Pilea Peperomioides ‘Mojito’

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