A balanced nutrient solution for your plants 


Choose from;

  • Cactus & Succulent Focus 300ml
  • Houseplant Focus 300ml
  • Palm Focus 300ml
  • Root Ultra Plus 300ml
  • Orchid Ultra Plus 300ml
  • Rose Focus 300ml


Cactus & Succulent Focus

• Specifically formulated for healthy growth and flowering of the widest range of cacti and succulents

• Contains all necessary macro- and micronutrients, as well as organic plant extracts such as humic and fulvic acids. 


Houseplant Focus

• Houseplant Focus will provide all the necessary nutrients needed by the plant to compensate for the declining fertility of the substrate

• Manufactured to the highest standards from pure mineral salts and rich organic nutrients


Palm Focus

• Precisely formulated for the needs of palms, especially for those grown in pots and containers

• Palm Focus is designed to support healthy, vigorous growth and long term viability, with its rich supply of organic plant acids and pure concentrates of seaweed


Root Ultra Plus

• Root Ultra is the ultimate natural root stimulator. It promotes strong vigorous, healthy rooting and minimises transplant shock

•  Especially recommended for newly planted or replanted trees, shrubs and plugs as well as repotted plants.

• Complex blend of pure organic plant extracts, seaweed and vitamins ensuring the plant thrives in the new environment

• Root Ultra is NOT a fertiliser and should be used in conjunction with a good quality nutrient solution such as those in our plant 'Focus' range


Orchard Ultra Plus

• Improves the health and performance of potted orchids. Suitable for most species and hybrids

• Richly endowed with pure humic and fulvic acids to encourage healthy growth and heavy flowering

• The ultimate growth enhancer specifically for orchids

• This nutrient is to be diluted and supplied to roots for long term fertility in the growing medium.


Rose Focus

For larger, more beautiful and longer-lasting blooms. Rose Focus is specifically formulated for optimal growth and flowering of indoor and outdoor roses in pots, containers or in the open ground. A carefully balanced formula of essential nutrients, it is manufactured from pure mineral salts and enriched with complex organic plant acids and pure concentrated extracts of kelp.

  • Urea-free
  • Contains high levels of humic and fulvic acids to increase and maintain soil fertility
  • It will support prolonged flowering and bright coloured roses



Concentrated Plant Food

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