Rhipsalis Ramulosa 'Red Coral' is also known as Red Mistletoe Cactus. At Shell on Earth we're big fans of plants with coastal names - so we had to get these! The leaves really do look like sea coral or seaweed, don't you think?


It's an epiphtic plant, which means that in its natural environment it would grow on the surface of a host plant. 


Young stems start growing upright but as they grow longer and heavier will start to trail down, making it great for hanging planters or pots. 


This plant prefers bright but indirect sunlight. The leaves can burn with direct sun exposure. The green leaves will take on a pink/red colouration with good amounts of light. The plant will produce green/white flowers followed my mistletoe-like berries which grow along the edges of the leaves. 


Water regularly during the growing seasons and let the soil dry slightly between waterings. Water less requently in winter. This plant requires more water than most other cacti.


These plants won't do well in normal cactus soil but prefer to be in a soil which is largely composed of organic material, a soil that would normally be used for orchids, bromeliads or other epiphytic plants would work best.


The pot size is 12cm. 

Rhipsalis Ramulosa 'Red Coral'

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