This salvaged and recycled mill bobbin twine holder not only holds and dispenses a spool of Nutscene jute twine, it also gives a home to a pair of very sharp flower snips. No more excuses for misplacing them!


This twine holder with scissors looks great in the potting shed, kitchen or hobby room. Choose from the selection of jute twine colours. This item makes a unique gift for someone - or just indulge yourself!


Each of these authentic mill bobbins has been used in a working mill in the past. For this reason, please note that consistency in colouring, finish and patina will differ between bobbins. In other words, they have plenty of character.


These salvaged and recycled mill bobbins are a delightful way to repurpose artefacts, some of which are over 100 years old. One day the stock of these bobbins will run out - which makes them collectable now. A real piece of Industrial Revolution hardware, which is not only beautiful but useful!


These wooden bobbins were used to wind yarn or thread onto, ready for the weaving process. They were an essential item and each mill would have had thousands in use at any one time. Once the bobbins were full they were taken off and empty ones put on in their place. This job was mostly done by  'doffers', most of which were young children.

Salvaged Mill Bobbin Twine Dispenser with Twine and Scissors

VAT Included