Sansevieria 'Dragon Wing' is a rarely available, beautiful plant. It's part of the Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law's Tongue family. They're much-loved due to their incredibly forgiving nature. A perfect low maintenance addition to your home, popular for their air-purifying qualities.


They don't mind a bright or more shaded position. This plant likes a well-draining soil mix, so we suggest re-potting using our Peat-free Cactus & Succulent Soil mix. They also prefer to be snug in a plant pot, so size down rather than up. Like most succulents, these guys are drought tolerant so its better to underwater rather than overwater them (if in doubt stick your finger in the top two inches of soil, if it comes out completely dry it should be safe to water).


Supplied in a 12cm nursery pot. The plant is approximately 15-20cm tall.

Sansevieria 'Dragon Wing'

VAT Included