Stephania Erecta is also known as Stephania Pierrei. Native to Thailand, it's gained in popularity over the past couple of years but is still relatively hard to come by. It's an unusual but attractive plant with a caudex (grows from a large bulb). It makes a large, rock-like base, and has delicate leaves with lighter veins.


Stephania will go dormant at least once a year and the caudex should be kept completely dry in a cool dry spot. In January each year, give the plant a good soak for 24 hours and then plant the caudex on top of the soil, pushing gently and firmly so the plant makes contact with the soil. After a few weeks, sometimes longer, the plant will slowly wake up and start to grow again. 


Treat this plant similar to a succulent or a cactus - plenty of bright light and water when the soil is dry. 


The pot size is 12cm.


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Stephania Erecta

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