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Terracotta irrigation spikes are a great solution for thirsty plants.


Simply submerge the spikes in water for 1-2 hours to absorb moisture. Soaking them will allow water to move more freely when in use. Make a hole in the soil, big enough for the spike and gently push it down. Fill a long neck bottle (a wine bottle works well) with water and insert it, upside down, into the spike.


Due to terracotta's porous nature, it allows air and water to move freely. The water will be released gradually into the surrounding soil, preventing your plants from drying out. Especially useful during a heatwave or if you're planning a trip.


Dimensions 5.1cm x 5.6cm x 17.6cm


Available singly or as a pack of five

Terracotta Irrigation Spike

PriceFrom £3.75
VAT Included
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