Tillandsia Super Silver is an attractive air plant. Incredibly popular and versatile, they don't even need soil to survive! Air plants are epiphytes which means, in their natural habitat, they live on the branches of trees and absorb nutrients and water from the surrounding air. 


This tillandsia has silvery-green leaves and is around 10cm wide. 


To keep this plant happy -

  • You will only need to water (light spray) every other day during summer and every 4 to 5 days in winter. If the humidity is too low, mist them more often. You can also water the plants by submerging them in a bowl of water every week or two in the summer and once a month in winter. Be sure to shake the plants after watering them and allow them to dry so that no water pools between the leaves. 


  • A bright spot with indirect sunlight would be best.


  • The ideal temperature range is 16-27 °C.


  • You don’t have to feed your Air Plant, but a struggling plant may enjoy a liquid feed. If you want faster growth, better flowering, and more pups, you can use a general-purpose fertiliser. In winter, you can fertilize them once a month or less. 


Tillandsia 'Super Silver' - Air Plant

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