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Worm casts - AKA worm manure or vermicompost - are mother nature's perfect plant food.


Worm casts provide a slow release of nutrients, beneficial microbes and growth hormones that help your plants to thrive. Studies show that worm casts will improve seed germination, increase plant growth, increase yields and even suppress many plant diseases and pests.


These castings were locally produced with the help of a flock of ducks and thousands of earthworms at a family owned regenerative farm, Parc Carreg. The earthworms transform the duck's litter (a mix of straw, wood chip and duck poop) into this very special food for your plants. 


With gardeners, and British horticulture, moving away from peat-based composts, we're all looking for better ways to enrich our soil and keep our plants healthy and flourishing. We believe worm casts are the way forward. 



  • Make your own liquid feed

  • Mulch around your plants

  • Incorporate into soil


Our tip - 

To supercharge your plants, consider brewing a Worm Cast Tea.

In a large bucket or container, simply mix 8-10 litres of water (preferably rain water), with the 1 litre pouch of worm casts. Use immediately or leave overnight. You can then dilute this solution with more water in a ratio of 1 part worm cast tea to 3 parts water.  This will give your plants a beautiful boost of nutrients, microbes, and beneficial bacteria. 



Produced in Wales by Parc Carreg. 

The pouch is fully recyclable. 

Worm Casts for House & Garden Plants - 1 Litre

£5.00 Regular Price
£4.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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