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  • Do the shells help prevent fungus gnats?
    Yes, adding a generous top dressing like our crushed shells can help to deter fungus gnats from laying their eggs in damp soil by creating a barrier. If there is already an infestation we do recommend treating that first.
  • Can plants grow up through the shells?
    Yes, plants have no problem growing through the shells.
  • Do the shells deter slugs?
    We’ve had a lot of great feedback from customers with regards to the effectiveness of crushed shells in deterring pests like slugs. However, no method is 100% effective all of the time – living things will do almost anything to survive!
  • Where is my local stockist?
    Check out our stockist page here.
  • How do I become a stockist?
    Please email your company information to This includes your company name, registration number, VAT status, and location.
  • How much will I need?
    Check out our handy coverage calculator at the bottom of this page.
  • Will the shells turn green over time?
    We recommend placing the shells in areas where they will receive full sun. As with any aggregate, if they are placed in shaded or damp areas they will almost certainly turn green over time. A South-facing position is ideal.
  • Why can’t you put the shells back in the sea?
    Up until late 2016 we had a license to release the shells back into the sea. However the license then stopped, and we were tasked with finding a creative way to utilise them, rather than sending them to landfill. After two to three years of research and development Shell on Earth was born in early 2019.
  • Can I visit your shop?
    At the moment we only sell online and at occasional events.
  • If I live locally can I collect from you to avoid the postage fees?
    Yes, you can order online as normal, and select the ‘pickup’ option at the checkout. Once your order has been prepared we’ll email you to arrange a convenient time to collect. Collections are normally welcomed Mondays to Fridays 9am-3pm (excluding bank holidays).

Use this handy calculator to figure out how much crushed shells you will need.

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