Gasteria carinata verrucosa (more commonly known as Gasteria verrucosa) is a peculiar looking plant with two-ranked green leaves densely roughened with small, pearly-white bumps and grooved upper surfaces.


The name verrucosa, signifies warty or rough. The most popular form has leaves  completely covered with white tubercles, and in some forms, ornamental stripes of white bumps form on the leaf surfaces. It is a small to medium-sized succulent which offsets freely from the base and forms a dense cluster with green speckled leaves. They can grow 3cm to 18cm tall and 15cm to 80cm wide.


Prefers bright indirect light. Water once the soil is completely dry.


Try our Peat-Free Cactus & Succulent Soil Mix  for re-potting.


Supplied in an 8cm nursery pot.

Gasteria Carinata Verrucosa

VAT Included