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Small Japanese Turnip

Try it roasted with other vegetables, pickled or eat it raw.

Surprisingly versatile miniature white turnips with edible leaves. Their firm, crunchy flesh has a sweet, slightly nutty flavour with hints of radish.

Don’t discard the greens: they are especially high in vitamins A, C, B9 and K.


    • Sow outside in a moist, shady spot when the temperature is over 5°c
    • Sow in 2 week intervals for a continuous harvest
    • Thin to 15cm and enjoy the thinnings
    • Mature (golf ball size) in 6-12 weeks but leaves may be harvested sooner


    2g- Contains approx 100 seeds


    Also available to purchase as part of the Full Niwaki Seed Collection containing all 8 packs of Japanese Vegetable and herb seeds.

    Kabu 'Tokyo Cross' Japanese Turnip Seeds

    VAT Included
    Only 5 left in stock
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