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Japanese Mustard


A versatile leaf that may be added to salads, soups and stir-fries.

Mildy peppery with piquant, mustardy notes, hardy Mizuna produces abundant, feathery leaves that may be stir-fried, pickled, added to soups or eaten raw as a salad garnish.

For a humble leaf, Mizuna is surprisingly high in protein and vitamins, especially vitamin A, C and K, and has anti-histamine/anti-inflamatory properties. Its magnesium content may assist in relieving high blood pressure, but don’t forget gardening alone is good for that. As if that wasn’t enough you may be interested to know that Mizuna has been successfully grown in space (on the ISS): if they can do it …


    • Sow under cover from January or outside from March
    • Keep soil moist
    • Transfer seedlings to sun/partial shade
    • Thrives in containers filled with good compost
    • Harvest younger leaves continuously up to December


    2g- Contains approx 700 seeds


    Also available to purchase as part of the Full Niwaki Seed Collection containing all 8 packs of Japanese Vegetable and herb seeds.

    Mizuna Japanese Mustard Seeds

    VAT Included
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