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This small batch wildflower honey was created in a collaboration between us and local honey farm, Afon Mêl. We were fortunate to be part of the whole process, guided by expert bee keeper and owner of Afon Mêl, Sam Cooper. 


In Autumn 2022 we dedicated a large area of a field on our smallholding to native wildflowers by preparing the land and sowing 26 different seed species. This inspired us to think about introducing a beehive.  During this time we got talking to our friends at Afon Mêl and the idea to loan us their beehives to create a special small batch of wildflower honey was quickly brought to life. In the Spring and Summer of 2023 we watched on as the wildflowers appeared and the bees got to work.


The Wildflower seed mix we sowed was the Butterfly and Bee Mix from Wild Wales Seeds (also available to buy in our web shop). This mix contains 26 varieties including; agrimony, borage, wild clary, red clover, white clover, corn cockle, cornflower, oxeye daisy, foxglove, goats beard, common knapweed, greater knapweed, purple loosestrife, wild marjoram, meadow cranesbill, musk mallow, common poppy, ragged robin, sainfoin, field scabious, teasel, birdsfoot trefoil, kidney vetch, viper’s bugloss and yarrow.


The bees would have also gathered nectar from the naturally occurring plants that we have on our land including; Sycamore, Hawthorn, Willow, Rosebay willow herb, Clover, Blackberry, and many more.


Honey has a wealth of health benefits, this honey is not heat treated or pasteurised to ensure all the goodness is retained.


Each jar is simply 100% pure honey.


Jar size - 227g/8oz.


About Afon Mêl -

Afon Mêl Honey Farm & Meadery launched over twenty years ago – inspired by a family’s love and passion for beekeeping. Their ongoing devotion to bees & honey is the driving force behind their mission to produce top quality artisan products driven by taste and made by nature.

"We believe we can create healthier food for healthier people, and ultimately a healthier planet. For those who would like a closer relationship with nature, our bee farm strives to provide the highest quality raw honey and mead products to customers world-wide." Sam Cooper.

Shell on Earth Wildflower Honey

VAT Included
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