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This soil contains a range of non-porous materials to create a fast draining mix that does not stay wet for long. The high portion of sand and grit in the mixture means the majority of water flows right through the pot to through the holes at the bottom. The Coco Coir, Pumice and Zeolite in the mixture will hold onto just enough water for the plant to absorb in the short time that the blend stays wet for. 


These types of plant generally want one thing – for the majority of the time to be in completely dry substrate. However, when it comes to your watering we recommend you properly drench them. In the wild these plants are used to huge downpours of rain, followed by the land becoming dry quickly after a few days.  This mix has been formulated to simulate this wet-dry cycle.  In general we recommend water every 2/3 weeks only in the Summer months. Spring and Autumn should be about once a month, and not at all in winter. 



Ideal for;

Aloe Tiger Plant, Aloe Vera, Venosa Begonia, Budda Belly, Burro's Tail, Cuban Sage (Oregano), Elephant Bush Plant, Flapjack Plant, Frangipani, Frizzle Sizzle, Jade, Madagascar Jewel, Mediterranean Herbs, Mother of Thousands, October Daphne, Sago Palm, Red Log, Pickle Plant, Poinsettia (Christmas Flower), Slime Lilies, Snake Plant, Stephania, Stonecrop, String of Hearts, String of Pearls, Trachyandra Tortilis, White Velvet, Widow's Tears, Turtle Vine, ZZ Plant


Our Potting Cup is the perfect tool for scooping and decanting shells and other substrates.

Soil.Ninja Cacti & Succulent Blend

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