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This 'Superbloom' mix was created by Wild Wales Seeds to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth at the Tower of London, where a spectacular, colourful, vibrant field of flowers had filled and transformed the Tower’s moat. Designed to attract pollinators, ‘Superbloom’ brought a spectacular natural beauty to the urban space and introduced a new biodiverse habitat for wildlife. 


The Queens ‘superbloom’ mix was a top secret, but Wild Wales Seeds have included some of their most popular Welsh native wildflowers such as Cornflowers, Musk Mallow, Californian Poppy, Ox- eye Daisy, Corn Cockle, Red Campion, White Campion, Self Heal, Wild Carrot, Corn Marigold and much, much more…


Contains a great balance of annual & perennial wildflowers.


This pack contains 10g of seeds.

Sow at 1-2g per sqm

Recommended sowing times- Mar-May / Aug-Oct



Wild Wales Seeds is a family run business based in the Vale of Glamorgan. Four generations of the Jenkins family have farmed the same land for over 80 years. The family produce hundreds of varieties of native wildflower and grass seeds and they're on course to becoming one of Britain’s largest distributors of wildflowers, grass seeds and cover/forage crops. Transform your next outdoor project into a thing of beauty by choosing wildflower seeds grown and harvested right here in Wales. 




Establishment - 

Sow in Spring or late Summer/early Autumn.

Prepare the area you want to seed by weeding thoroughly to remove all vegetation.

Do not add compost or any other additive to improve the soil quality. 

Mark areas to be seeded into square metres with canes to help sow correct quantities. 

It can be helpful to bulk out seeds with sand.

Scatter seeds on the surface at a rate of 4g per square metre for meadow mixes and 1-2g for wildflowers only. 

Lightly roll or tread in to ensure good contact with the soil.

Do not cover seeds with soil. 


Maintenance -

Many perennials are slow to establish and do not flower in the first year. Don't worry. 

Cut every month or so to 2cm, avoiding the period from the beginning of March until the end of August. This initially controls annual weeds and faster growing grasses and will help your meadow area develop. 

Always remove cuttings to reduce soil fertility.

Weed out aggressive perennial weeds like dock, thistles and nettles.


'Superbloom' - 100% Wildflower Seed Mix (10g)

VAT Included
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