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Turk's cap cactus Melocactus broadwayi


The Melocactus genus is often referred to as Turk’s Cap Cactus or Melon Cactus, although these common names are also associated with some specific species, such as Melocactus broadwayi. This cactus is native to the West Indies, and it’s not recommended for new plant owners due to its challenging care.

This cactus has a round, thick, light green stem and ribbed body covered in white bristles with reddish-brown tips. It bears small bright pink flowers at the top of the cephalium.

Its growing season is between April and October, and it doesn’t grow above 8 inches (20 cm) tall.


Supplied in an 8.5cm nursery pot.


Prefers a bright, sunny spot in a free-draining soil mix.


Repot using Soil.Ninja Cacti & Succulent Mix for best results

Melocactus 'Broadway'- Turk's Cap Cactus

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