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Melocactus matanzanus is a species of cactus that belongs to the Melocactus genus.

It is native to the western region of Cuba and is commonly found in dry, rocky, and arid environments. The plant typically grows in clusters and can reach up to 15 cm in height and 10 cm in diameter.


The stem of Melocactus matanzanus is spherical in shape and is covered with woolly, white-coloured hairs that serve to protect it from the intense sunlight. The plant has several ribs, which are lined with spines that can grow up to 3cm in length. At the top of the stem, the plant has a cephalium, which is a structure that develops in mature cacti and is covered with pink or red-coloured bristles.


During the flowering season, which usually occurs between May and June, Melocactus matanzanus produces small, pink or purple-coloured flowers that emerge from the cephalium. The flowers are followed by small, fleshy fruits that contain numerous black seeds.


Supplied in a 10.5cm nursery pot


Prefers a bright location in a free-draining soil mix.


Repot using Soil.Ninja Cacti & Succulent Blend for best results.

Melocactus 'Matanzanus'

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